The staff at Sensational Sofas will walk you through the steps and provide suggestions as you go. We have tons of samples and options to choose from in our showroom.  Come on in and see just how easy it is to get your own Sensational Sofa.

Step 1 - Design - Select your favorite look, size, and layout.

Step 2 - Fabric - Pick your favorite fabric, leather and color.

Step 3 - Accessories - Select your cushion density, leg color, and other options.

Got an idea, an image in your head, but you aren't quite sure how to make it happen?  Sensational Sofas can help.  We have a design team that can take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful reality.

Bring in your ideas, and we will sit down, listen and discuss your plans.  

If needed we can visit your home to take measurements and get a feel for the total scope of your project.

​We can then draw up a plan that incorporates all of the design ideas, from the perfect sofa to the accessories that create a Sensational Room that is all yours.

Creating your perfect sofa is easy at Sensational Sofas; its 3 Simple Steps, once you are done your sofa is ready for delivery to your home in as little as 30 days.

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Creating the perfect Sofa is as easy as 1,2,3 at Sensational Sofas